Enov Bar Cleaning Detergents

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  1. Enov K121 Glass Renovator 5 litre

    Glass Renovator removes built-up residue from glasses leaving them clean and clear.
    - Concentrated power for both new and existing glasses
    - Restores old glassware and rejuvenates etched bases
    - Removes the release agent left during manufacturing
    - Lasts longer than other liquid based Renovator formulations
    - Keeps glasses Learn More

  2. Enov K140 Purple Beer Line Cleaner 5 litre

    Cleans and sweetens beer pumps and pipelines by simple soaking. Suitable for both pressurised dispensing equipment and traditional hand pumps. Completely odourless and taint free.Purple indicating soloution to show the pipeline is completly clean

    To clean and sterilise beer pumps, pipelines and Learn More

  3. Enov K125 Glasswash Detergent 5 litre

    Highly concentrated dishwashing detergent for high soil and low tannin levels Enov Glasswash Detergent is an advanced formulated machine dish wash detergent with a unique blend of detergents for accelerated soil removal. Active de-foamers work in the toughest of conditions, whilst progressive corrosion inhibitors protect dishwasher Learn More

  4. Enov K035 Concentrated Lemon Detergent 1 litre

    Concentrated lemon liquid detergent. Highly concentrated. Mild, long lasting foam, perfect for dishwashing by hand. Leaves all crockery and glassware sparkling clean and streak free. Contains additives for spot free drying of glassware. For all-round cleaning of walls, paintwork, upholstery, vehicles etc. Fresh lemon fragrance - adds Learn More

  5. Enov K085 Dish & Glass Rinse Aid 5 litre

    Ensures sparkling crockery and cutlery Spot free glassware Low foaming formulation. Hard water acidic machine dishwashing rinse aid.

    Dish and Glass Rinse Aid is a concentrated machine dishwashing rinse aid for enclosed cabinet dishwashers. It ensures streak free rapid drying in medium to hard Learn More


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