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Enov eFill Super Concentrate is an environmentally friendly and cost-conscious range of cleaning chemicals.

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  1. Enov eFill E-100 Washroom Cleaner

    E-Fill 100 is a highly concentrated effective all round washroom cleaner. This pleasantly perfumed formula is suitable for use on all hard washroom surfaces including sinks, taps, toilet flush handles, floors, door handles etc. Contains a powerful bactericide.

    The E-Fill chemical concentrate range from Enov provide a convenient Learn More

  2. Enov eFill E-200 Multipurpose Cleaner 1 litre

    E- Fill 200 Multipurpose Cleaner is an effective fast acting general purpose cleaner for all water washable surfaces. Contains a clean pine fragrance leaving the room with a fresh, 'just cleaned' atmosphere. Equally effective as both a trigger spray cleaner as well as a damp mopping detergent.

    The E- Fill chemical Learn More

  3. Enov eFill E-300 Floor Cleaner 1 litre

    E-Fill 300 Floor Cleaner removes everyday dirt and grease on all types of hard floors. Low foaming the product is easy to use and rinses off quickly without leaving potentially sticky or slippery residues. Whilst mainly used as a mopping solution, Low Foam Cleaner can be used through a trigger spray when extra control is required Learn More

  4. Enov eFill E-400 Floor Maintainer 1 litre

    E-Fill 400 Floor Maintainer is a high quality concentrated spray cleaning concentrate containing polymer and wax to add shine and durability to polished floors. Can be damp mopped and then will respond to burnishing with a soft / medium pad.

    The E-Fill chemical concentrate range from Enov provide a convenient way to accurately Learn More

  5. Enov eFill E-012 Washing Up Liquid 1 litre

    Enov E-Fill 012 Super concentrated unperfumed multi purpose dishwashing detergent. Long lasting streak-free formulation. Biodegradable, phosphate and formaldehyde free. Ideal for dishwashing, vehicle cleaning, paintwork and general cleaning.

    The E-Fill chemical concentrate range from Enov provide a convenient way to accurately Learn More

  6. Enov eFill E-500 Bactericidal Kitchen Cleaner

    Enov E-Fill 500 is a powerful bactericidal detergent for use on all kitchen and canteen surfaces kills bacteria to EN1276. Also highly effective on bar tops and surrounds, vital on all surfaces around buffet hatches and self service points of sale.

    Use one dose into a 750ml bottle to kill bacteria to EN 1276. Allow 5 minute Learn More

  7. Enov eFill E-600 Glass and Mirror Cleaner 1 litre

    E-Fill 600 Glass and Mirror Cleaner advanced formula ensures a smear-free finish. Free from abrasives - will not damage delicate surfaces. Ammonia free - pleasant and easy to use.

    The E-Fill chemical concentrate range from Enov provide a convenient way to accurately dose and provides a more manageable way to monitor and Learn More

  8. Enov eFill E-710 Lemon Disinfectant 1 litre

    E-Fill 710 Lemon Disinfectant kills smells and malodours, leaves fresh lemon atmosphere. Contains a broad spectrum quaternary biocide.

    As a general disinfectant for floors, walls and drains in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, offices and factories etc. N.B. Do not use in food preparation or serving areas.

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8 Item(s)

If you're looking for cost saving on your chemicals, Enov's eFill handy-size controlled-dose concentrates might be a really good option. It's all the cleaning power you need in one neat little package.

What & How?
Available for a range of common cleaning applications, the 1 litre bottles dispense an accurate 25ml dose into a built-in chamber that is then decanted into the specifically designed trigger spray bottles and topped up with water.