Enov Graffiti Solutions

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  1. Enov Q020 Graffiti Off Plastics 5 litre

    Removes graffiti from solvent sensitive surfaces. Ideal for enclosed spaces and shelters. Safe on plastics, laminates and polycarbonates. Removes adhesive labels.

    A new generation graffiti remover which intelligently removes paint off a painted surface.

    Different types of paint, such as car Learn More

  2. Enov Q030 Anti Graffiti Coating 5 litre

    Anti-Graffiti for Stone, Porous and Painted Surfaces. Sacrificial Coating.

    Anti-graffiti sacrificial coating is an easy to use water based emulsion. Designed to be used without specialist training, on either wet or dry walls, it is literally a case of spray or paint on. The product then dries in a few hours and protects Learn More

  3. Enov Q010 Graffiti Off Brick 5 litre

    Full Power graffiti remover for porous surfaces which removes spray paint on the first pass, removing the need for harsh antighosting products.

    Graffiti Remover. For Porous Surfaces.

    Perhaps the biggest step forward on conventional products.

    Conventional equivalent products use solvents Learn More


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