Enov Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners

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  1. Enov E101 Pearlised Hand Soap 5 litre

    Enov Pearlised Hand Soap is a mild, rich deep cleansing lather.
    - Fresh bouquet fragrance. Can be used in the workshop or office.
    - Suitable for use through wall mounted dispenser units.
    - Safe to use as a body shampoo.

    The universal hand cleaner. Extremely Learn More

  2. eCare E205 Heavy Duty Hand Gel 5 litre

    Industrial Hand Cleaner. Tough formula, copes easily with the heaviest industrial grime. Contains no harsh chemicals formulated to be kind to the skin.

    Easy to use:
    Easy to apply: Easy to rinse off.

    Suitable for use in all engineering shops, vehicle repairers, factories Learn More

  3. Enov E103 Antibacterial Hand Soap 5 litre

    Enov Bactericidal Hand Soap is a powerful cleaning agent which contains the proven germicidal agent Triclosan and yet is extremely mild to the skin since it also contains glycerine.

    - Bactericidal Hand Soap is an unperfumed, anti-bacterial handwashing lotion specially formulated for use in hospitals Learn More

  4. eWipe Y115 Industrial Hand Cleaning Wet Wipes Bucket

    The ultimate portable wet hand wipe for general applications.

    This product is ideal for cleaning in almost any industrial environment from engineering and printing to plumbing and mechanics.

    Enov Industrial Hand Wipes will clean hands and degrease hands and surfaces without the need for water.

    Learn More

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